Dansekapellet, København


19/04/2023 – 20/04/2023

Om forestillingen

Human beings entertain themselves with nonsense and death things. There is no planet B, but what if planet A stands for Adaption – and when did nature actually ask to be saved by us and not from us?

Circling around the notion that the apocalypse is a boring dystopia – no grandiose battlefield but just a little less of everything fun in a slow collapse of biodiversity and capitalism – BRAVO TOGA is creating the performance Don’t Fear Change. A choreographic and dramatic research about escaping one’s domesticated lifestyle and re-connecting with one’s inner wildlife.


Medvirkende: Anna Kuusamo, Sara Ribbenstedt, Lena Bondeson

Priser og rabatter


Dag Dato Kl. Venue
ons 19/04/2023 20:00 Dansekapellet, København
tors 20/04/2023 20:00 Dansekapellet, København