Metronomen, Frederiksberg

Broadway, Rearranged!

21/04/2023 – 23/04/2023

Om forestillingen

What happens when casting a musical goes all wrong?
Broadway, Rearranged! is a cabaret-style musical production that only follows one rule: no one is right for the role.
But don’t worry. This mega talented group of singers is up to the challenge as we present a miscast meandering through musical melodies.
Come join us for a night of stories, gossip, and games as we hear some of history’s greatest show tunes as they were never meant to be sung ? or were they?
The CPH Musical Theater Co is Copenhagen’s premiere source for English-language musical theater performance and appreciation.


Medvirkende: Casey Blaine, Dennisalias Crystallando, Kristen Flanagan, Kristian Husted, Maria Højrup, Aleksandra Jakobsen, Olivia Yonnjoo Jang, Rachel Kador, Roger William LeBlanc Jr., Freya Uldal, Noah Pott, Rod Ceres, Lise Lotte Elmelund, Ben Peel

Jeremy M. Thomas
Alexander Bastian Nielsen

Lasse Holmelund Jarbøl

Rachel Kador

Noah Pott

Emma Balalic

Alexander Bastian Nielsen

Dramatiker, forfatter:
Rachel Kador, Lasse Holmelund Jarbøl, Alexander Bastian Nielsen, Noah Pott

Priser og rabatter


Dag Dato Kl. Venue
fre 21/04/2023 19:00 Metronomen, Frederiksberg
lør 22/04/2023 14:00 Metronomen, Frederiksberg
lør 22/04/2023 19:00 Metronomen, Frederiksberg
søn 23/04/2023 16:00 Metronomen, Frederiksberg